Service Now Training

Servicenow course content

  1. Welcome and Introduction of snow.
  2. Basics of incident, problem, change, knowledge management, service request.
  3. List View and Onscreen Navigation
  4. Tables, application & modules introduction.
  5. Field introduction and Filed types.
  6. Creation of tables & modules.
  7. User administrations.
  8. Introduction of scripting in service now.
  9. Glide class over view.
  10. Server side scripting vs. client side scripting.
  11. Business rules.
  12. Client Scripts.
  13. UI Policies, UI Actions.
  14. ACL’s.
  15. Script Includes.
  16. Scheduled jobs.
  17. Emails and Notifications
  18. Data Source, Transform Map, Transform script.
  19. Script Actions.
  20. UI pages, UI macros introduction.
  21. Workflow.
  22. SLA
  23. Update Set.
  24. Catalog Item overview.
  25. Record producer.
  26. Integration.

Note: Basic knowledge in JS, HTML especially in string methods, array methods of JS is expected.