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AkiraIT Solutions is the leader in AngularJS Training Course in Hyderabad, We provide quality of online training and corporate training courses by real time facility and well trained web developers. Our AngularJS Training in Hyderabad is regarded as the best coaching centre in Hyderabad by students who attended AngularJS training classes with us.

AngularJS is a JavaScript open-source web application framework which can be added to an HTML page along with a tag.It is a library written in JavaScript which extends HTML attributes with directives & binds data to HTML with expressions.

It simplifies development and testing of applications by providing a framework for client-side model–view–controller (MVC) architecture, commonly used in rich internet applications.


What is AngularJS?

  •  Understanding the MVC Pattern
  •  Creating an Angular Model,View, Controller
  •  How AngularJS Works
  •  Life Cycle of AngularJS
  •  Architecture of AngularJS
  •  Basics of AngularJS ex:ng-app
  •  Data Binding,two way binding
  •  Scope
  •  $scope
  •  How Scope works
  •  $scope life cycle
  •  Directives and scope
  • nested scope
  • Filters
  •  Basics of Filters
  • Custom FIlter
  •  Form validation using Filter
  •  Directives
  •  How to create directives
  •  Configure Directives
  •  Passing arguments in directives
  •  Built in Directives
  •  Directive Scope
  •  ngModel
  •  Routing
  •  Routing Modes
  •  Multiple Views Configuration
  •  $location service
  •  Layout Template
  •  Advanced Routing Techniques
  •  Dependence Injection
  •  Annotation
  •  Define Annotation Explicitly
  •  Define Annotation Inline
  •  ngMine
  •  $inject API
  •  Service
  •  Service Registration
  •  How to use Service in your app
  •  Different ways of Creating Service
  •  Security
  •  Black and White listing URLS
  •  $sce API and $sce Service,Configuration
  •  What is Context Type
  •  Events
  •  How to handle events
  •  Event Life Cycle
  •  Event Object
  •  Module
  •  Module Loading
  •  Properties
  •  Run Blocks
  •  Testing
  •  RequireJs
  •  Writing test cases
  •  Jasmine
  •  Debugging AngularJs
  •  Debugging from DOM
  •  Debugger
  •  Angular Batarang

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