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AkiraIT Solutions offers an inclusive iOS Training in Hyderabad The extensive practical training provided by iOS App Development with AkiraIT Solutions Training institute in Hyderabad equips live projects and simulations.Such detailed iOS App Development with Swift course has helped our students secure job in various MNCs. The trainers at Encryption Technology Hyderabad are subject specialist corporate professionals providing in-depth study in iOS App Development with iOS course in Hyderabad.Participants completing the iOS App Development with certification have plethora of job opportunities in the industry.

iOS/iPhone Content for Advanced Mobile

Application Development

  1. Introduction to Apple devices and Apps  
  • Evolution of Apple, Mac OS and IOS
  • iPhone, iPad and iPad touch devices overview
  • Introduction to APP Store and Application
  1. Introduction to Mac OS X

Mountain Lion • OS X Mountain Lion in depth

  • Additional features from OS X
  1. Introduction to XCode
  • Architecture of Xcode IDE
  • Workflow of Application development
  • Introduction to Xcode workspace and Interface Builder
  1. Introduction to Objective C

OS X Mountain Lion

  • Evolution of Objective C
  • Comparison of Procedural and object

Oriented language

  • OOP concepts in Objective C
  • Abstraction
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  1. Objects in detail
  • Object fundamentals and model classes
  • Objects and object reference.
  • Saving and retrieving data using model class
  1. Methods in detail

OS X Mountain Lion

  • Class method and instance methods declaration
  • Object messaging with parameters
  • Getter/Setter methods
  1. Basic Memory Management
  • Concepts of ARC
  • Object reference counts and memory


  1. Collections

OS X Mountain Lion

  • Different types of collections and their need
  • Define Array and its factory methods
  • Accessing and iterating objects in array
  • Define Dictionary and its factory methods
  • Accessing and iterating objects in dictionary using keys
  • Define sets
  1. Variable Visibility
  • Different types of variable visibility
  • Categories
  • Extensions
  1. Protocols
  • Protocols Overview
  • Methods in Protocols
  • How to conform to protocols
  1. Miscellaneous
  • Enums
  • Exception Handling
  • Synchronize
  • Selectors
  1. App Lifecycle
  • Overview of Cocoa/Cocoa Touch
  • App Lifecycle in iOS
  • App States
  1. GUI Development
  • ViewControllers
  • MVC Concept
  • Managing outlets and actions
  • Debugging in depth UI Development with iOS Views
  • Using segments, switches, sliders etc
  • Accessing date and time using pickers
  • Keypad hide for textfield and textview
  1. More UI Components
  • Navigation based apps
  • Application with Tabs
  • Managing multiple views and
  1. Multi-View Applications
  • Basics of Storybasrd based development
  • Segues
  • Multiple Storybards VS Single Storyboards
  1. Using Storyboards
  • Custom tableview cell
  • Manage table data
  • Respond to row selection
  • Tableview edit and delete
  1. Apps with TableView/Collection
  • Concept of notification centre
  • Register and post notification
  1. Local Notification
  • Saving data in user defaults
  • Managing data in dictionary
  1. Preferences
  • App Sandbox
  • Standard App Directories
  • Sharing files with iTunes
  1. Persistent Storage
  2. AddressBook API
  • Addressbook concepts
  • Including addressbook database and UI
  • Accessing data from addressbook databook
  1. Audio and Video
  • Include MoviePlayer
  • Manage Movieplayer notification
  • Include background audio
  1. Save data in database
  • Managing data in database using SQLite
  • DDL and DML Statements
  • Database with UI Component Integration
  1. Maps Integration
  • Introduction to MapKit API
  • Include Map in Application
  • Zoom and Pan
  • Add annotation in Map
  1. Webservices and Parsers
  • Introduction to webservices.
  • Get/Post Webservices
  • WS Before iOS 8.0 after iOS 9.0
  • Json Parsing
  1. Core Animation
  • Overview of core animation
  • Animation Class Hierarchy
  • Layer concept
  • Animating views
  1. AppStore EcoSystem
  • Apple Developer Member Center
  • Profiles
  • Certificates
  • APPID and Bundle ID
  • STORE App Publish
  • Apple Developer Member Center
  • Profiles
  • Certificates
  1. Application Code Signing
  • Setting Provisioning Profiles
  • Setting Certificate in XCode
  • Exploring Keychain
  1. App Performance
  • Instruments
  • Profiling
  • Unit Testing
  1. Advanced Concepts
  • GCD/NSOperations for Background running webservices
  • Blocks
  • Swift Introduction

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