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Tableau Training Course Content Details

Tableau Desktop Online Training
Introduction and Getting Started
• Tableau desktop role in the tableau product line
• Application terminology
• View terminology
• Data terminology
• Visual cues for fields
Best Practices in Connecting to Data
• Working with metadata
• Working with connections
o Live Connection
o Extract Connection
• Refresh & Converting live connection to Extract Connection Refresh &Converting Extract connection to Live Connection
• Establishing connections with other databases MS Access, Oracle, Sql Server
Working With Measures and Dimensions
• Individual axis
• Blended axis
• Dual axis
• Combinational Charts
• Working with Mark Card (Color, Size, label) with sceneries
• Default properties of Dimensions and measures
• Discrete and Continuous
• Conversion of Dimension to measures and vice versa
• Working with Data types
Working with Actions and Filters in Worksheet
• Communicating sheets with Action filters
• Redirecting to other Statics URL, Dynamic URL, Folders with Action URL
• Action Highlight
• Data source Level Filters
• Worksheet level Filters
• Appling filters at worksheet level (Header, Bar, Mark card)
• Working with Filter shelf with examples (General, wildcard, Condition, Top) Quick Filters (Single select, Multiselect, Wild card Select)
• Making filters dependent with Context Filters Applying static, dynamic and calculated Filters
• Sharing Filters
Working with Maps, WMS Server, GEO Coding
• Creating Symbol maps
• Creating filled maps in different methods
• Creating dual Axis map with examples
• Working with map options
• Working with WMS servers and converting to TMS
• Identifying a particular place latitude and longitude
• Working with Geo Coding
Building Visualizations
• Working with bar charts, stacked and side by side bars
• Working with line, Area, Circle views and combination charts, pie charts
• Working with Text tables, Highlight tables, Heat Maps, Tree Maps and pie charts
• Working with Scatter Plots, Bins histograms, Box and whisker Plot
• Working with Gantt views, Bullet graphs, Packed Bubbles.
• Working with shapes and marks
Building Custom Calculations and Parameters
• Overview of calculations and trigonometric functions
• Manipulating string, date calculations, window functions.
• Calculations and aggregations
• Dynamic calculations
• Logic statements (grand totals, sub-totals)
• Creating quick table calculations and Table calculations
• Creating parameters and using in customizing calculations

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