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About Us

About AKIRA IT Solutions

AKIRA IT is progressive training consultancy with extensive experience of developing a wide range of blended learning management and Technical, leadership development solutions for a significant variety of clients across all business sectors.

Our Philosophy

We train people in the latest technologies and Skills and make them competitive with the current industry challenges.

Our Approach

Our approach towards clients is to understand their business objectives and the challenges or issues they face in achieving those objectives based on which we determine how we could work with our clients to develop a strategy to address the issues that prevent them from operating at peak. Our clients choose us because we understand their business and deliver tailor made solutions to their business communication problems.

Our Strength
  • Standardized training content
  • Experienced / Reputed Trainers & Freelancers
  • Reputation of quality, professionalism & excellence

As a results-driven, future-ready company, we realize that the previously acceptable idea of aptitude + attitude no longer makes the cut in terms of the utility and suitability of a candidate.

We integrate the following principles as part of our core offerings:

  • Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Dynamic Agility
  • Commitment to Organizational Fit
  • Marrying Innovation with Excellence
  • Quality and Continuous Process Improvement

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Workshops and Training Classes
  • Leadership Development
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Training
  • Management Skills
  • Selling Skills and Lead Generation
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Convention Keynotes and Breakout Sessions

Our group of coaches and advisors can give master exhortation and help with making the sort of pioneers and communicators that you need to make inside your association. Corporate societies will be made whether you make a move or not. With the assistance of Akira IT affirmed Trainers, you will have the capacity to intentionally make the way of life that you, your group, and your customers need to make.

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